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Group classes for all of those who have always wanted to learn to surf. From 14 years of age.


Surf lessons for the all peoples. For adults ages from 14. These are 2-hour surf lessons in groups and include the use of all equipment needed for the lesson. The student to teacher ratio is 8 and normally in Mojosurf this ratio lowers to 6 or 7 students per instructor.


2 hour surf lessons in groups.
Surf equipment during the lessons(board and wetsuit).
Highest quality Billabong wetsuit, Maximum flexibility and comfort.
Certified highly experienced instructor with National Surf Instructor certification.
Civil responsibility insurance.
Accident insurance. *

* Please read general conditions for more information.


Photographic and/or video documentation.
Transport to other beaches.

Prices for classes (and per person):

Nº SessionsPrice
1 Session 30 €
2 Sessions 55 €
3 Sessions 75 €
4 Sessions 95 €
5 Sessions 110 €
Nº SessionsPrice
6 Sessions 130 €
7 Sessions 150 €
8 Sessions 170 €
9 Sessions 190 €
10 Sessions 210 €
Nº SessionsPrice
11 Sessions 230 €
12 Sessions 250 €
13 Sessions 270 €
14 Sessions 290 €
15 Sessions 310 €
Nº SessionsPrice
16 Sessions 330 €
17 Sessions 350 €
18 Sessions 370 €
19 Sessions 390 €
20 Sessions 410 €


Learn about discounts at MOJOSURF
10% discount for Residents
15% discount for groups of 3 to 6 people
25% discount for groups of between 7 and 10 people
30% discount for groups of + 10 people

Important: Discounts are not cumulative. The discount with the highest percentage will be charged. Find out and ask at school. You can buy the classes and then ask for the% discount to extend the classes or simply retrieve it.



Softboard or foam board. These boards for beginners are lots of fun and more safe for learning. Covered in Eva foam and made with softer and rounder foam fins making them less likely to cause accidental cuts. Soft boards are limited to use on the shore which makes it necessary for the surfer who wishes to have more serious training and enter waves and the breakwater to ask an instructor for a 100% epoxy board or one which is the same as used at the Intermediate skill level.

  • Construction: Core of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene -100% sustainable and Styrofoam. Epoxy boards are built with two layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin to make them a bit harder.
  • Soft Models: ALDER (7'0), INDIGO (7'0) and MADNEES (6'0, 6'6, 7'0).
  • Soft-Epoxy Models: Flyer (7'0 y 7'6), NSP (6'8 y 7'4) and MADNEES (7'0).
  • Fin System: soft.
Construction of beginner Soft board
Soft Board Models for beginners


100% epoxy board with clear coat and semi-rigid fin system. These boards are perfect for developing skills and getting into the waves. They are extremely buoyant and easily handled.

  • Construction: Epoxy Technology (Epoxy fiber-glass resin- The core of the EPS).
  • Epoxy models: TORQ MOD FUN - PINLINE (6'8, 7'2 y 7'6) and TORQMOD MINI LONG - PINLINE (8'0), NSP FUNBOARD (7'2, 7'6 y 7'10).
  • Fin system: Rigid-Futures F6.
  • Tail shape: Round.
Modelos Tablas Epoxy
Boards Models for Intermediate level - Epoxy Technology

Advanced (Fiber shortboard and funboard- Evolutive)

): Polyurethane Foam board with fiberglass and polyester resin. Rigid fin system. Perfect for developing skills at the intermediate-advanced and advenced level.

  • Construction: Foam and Fiberglass (Polyester resin, fiberglass, polyurethane core) .
  • Full & Cas Models: MINISIMMONS (5'3), I-TON (5'4), CPO (5'5), HECKE (5'5), RF3 (5'8), FISH (5'9), PANDFISH (5'10), HUOVO (6'1), Ripper (6'0, 6'2), CHS (6'2 y 6'4), COMBAT (6'3, 6'6), EVO (6'7 y 6'8), Malibu (7'0), Longboard L-noise rider (9'0).
  • Fin system: Rigid-FCS.
  • Tail shape: Round, Square, Swallo, Diamond .
Foam and poliester Resin Technology


The Billabong Foil Series, the result of the combination of all essential elements. The most important parts of Billabong’s premium suits were taken-the cut, fflexibility and heat- and a suit was created which is light, functional, flexible and warm. Our line of suits for those beginning to surf meets the most rigorous and demanding tests of quality. These suits are light and provide good range and control of movement. This is the absolute ideal suit for surfers looking for more sensation and enjoyment from their surfing.


  • New Furnace thermal lining in chest and back area.
  • Strategically positioned seams for maximum flexibility.
  • Internal neo tram superflex banding.
  • Glued and blind stitched to trap in heat.
Billabong Foil Series Wetsuits


The Billabong Revolution Series, designed with simplicity and style, is constructed utilizing the most advanced materials and features the exclusive new 'Drymax' entry built for superior warmth and lightness. Drymax furnace lining has specially engineered irrigation channels that allow both multi-directional stretch and superior drainage from the chest to the knees and around the back.


  • Superflex AX2 Neoprene.
  • The air pockets within the channels also trap and retain body heat making it super warm.
  • Stitches strategically placed in order to achieve maximum flexibility. Fewer stitches=more stretch.
  • Internal neotape superflex banding.
  • Glued and blind stitched to trap in heat.
Neoprenos Billabong Serie Revolution

Wetsuits Billabong Ladies Salty Dayz

BILLABONG LADIES SALTY DAYZ is made from premium quality neoprene that provides excellent support and serious stretch. Twin needle and blind stitched seams shield you from excess water flow, while triple glued internal seams offer much appreciated warmth. Also reinforced critical areas with heat taping for extra durability.


  • Twin needle self tie blind stitched external seams.
  • 80% 10mm Impact welded internal seams.
  • Triple glued and blindstitched internally.
  • Heat tape stress point reinforcement.
  • 90% Neoprene 10% Nylon.
Wetsuits Billabong Ladies Salty Dayz

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Group classes for all of those who have always wanted to learn to surf. From 14 years of age.

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