How we teach Surf

The Surf is evolving at the same pace as training. We still hear many experienced surfers say "I do not need a class of surf I already surf", this is because most surf schools have the reputation of not teaching anything other than getting up on the board. As you evolve, the more you have fun and the faster you learn, the better you will be. As you progress, you will need better training as many technical aspects of surf are impossible to guess. If in all sports you need a coach, why not surf? A surf coach should be a skilled professional and good communicator.


Learn to surf in a simple way.

We use logic and analytics and we are able to teach all kinds of people, of any age and different abilities. We communicate specific body movements in the simplest way. The Surf can be divided into several specific skill sets that can be built one on top of the other, speeding up the process and increasing confidence.

surfing practico


Learn with why

During your stay in Mojosurf, you will have a good time catching waves, but our goal is to finish the course being able to continue progressing when you are alone. In each class you will learn a specific skill, but the most important thing is that you will know why you are learning it.

surf directo


Theoretical Classes and Video Analysis

There are many things that are much easier to communicate with a screen and a blackboard, rather than on the beach. Our theoretical classes cover all aspects of surf including: wave formation, wave forecasts, paddling, duckling techniques and agility techniques on the board. Video analysis is a fantastic training tool. The videos allow us to show perfectly how you do it and what you need to do. It shows us the difference between what you think you are doing and what you are really doing. Level 3 and 4 surfing is based on video analysis, but we use this tool in some moments of all levels of surf.

Video analisis de surf