What level of surfing do I have?

If you tell us your skills and experience before reaching MojoSurf, allow us to plan your training time to maximize your improvement. "Intermediate level" can mean from a few days to a pair of decades surfing, for this reason we use a system of levels from 1 to 4. When you are here, you will learn along with other surfers with the same level as you. We never mix surfers of different levels.

Here we explain the specific skills of each level so you can tell us which one you identify with.

Level 1

Level 1 begins with white water. We will not go inside until you master the basic techniques at this level.

If you are in this level:

  • You will learn to select and catch waves without help.
  • You will learn how to row white water efficiently and safely.
  • You will learn how to slow down or accelerate.
  • The difference between trimming and carving.
  • You will learn the start and basic stance, the "functional stance"

If during your stay, you master all the techniques, we will quickly move you to the next level.


Level 2

Level 2 surfers are now able to stand comfortably on the board and are focused on catching waves that have not yet broken "green water" (not white water)

If you are in this level:

  • You will learn how to row in an efficient and safe way.
  • You will learn to have a good choice of waves, when to start paddling and when to get on your feet.
  • "You will learn to turn when you get up"; To generate speed; Understand the rules of surfing (refers to unwritten rules, the rules you have among surfers when they are all catching waves, if you leave it to someone or catch it, etc.) and know what to do in each situation. Surf without breaking the wave.


surf sin romper la ola

Level 3

Level 3 surfers are able to catch big waves without any help

Most of the training is done through videos, which will allow you to see exactly all your movements and detect your mistakes. We'll start with how to find the fastest trimming line, and then how, why and when you need to make a change of direction using cutbacks, and also how to climb over breaking sections.

surf con olas grandes

Level 4

Level 4 consists of training sessions recorded in videos in which surfers are able to perform maneuvers in the critical part of the wave with speed.

We establish surfing areas that are limiting for the surfer and we will help you discover what your best skills are. The goal is for you to leave MojoSurf being able to detect your own faults and train yourself in the future.

surf análisis y video grabación