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  • Good choice for beginners or intermediate level surfers who want to continue learning and improve their surf skills and take them to the next level under the constant supervision of well-trained, certified and experienced instructors. Suitable for ages 14 to 99.

    30 €
    In Stock

  • Group classes for all of those who have always wanted to learn to surf. From 14 years of age.

    110 €
    In Stock

  • Private surf lessons in Las Palmas for adults over 14. All skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Please, to formalize the reservation in date and time, you must call us and consult us to the phone 828 014 420 or by email to

    80 €
    In Stock

  • Monthly Surf. Initiation, Improvement and Technification Course designed for those who have already started and want to improve their level of surfing following our training programs by objectives. Prices for all levels.

    65 €
    In Stock

  • Events organized for companies and their employees and direct family members. Surf lessons, from beginner to advanced, during the whole year.