Surf is evolving at the same pace as training. We still hear many experienced surfers say, “I don’t need any surf lessons, I already know how to surf.” This perception exists because most surf schools have the reputation of only teaching how to stand up on the board. As you progress, the more fun you have, and the faster you learn, the more enjoyable it becomes.

As you advance, you’ll need better training because many technical aspects of surfing are impossible to intuit. If you need a coach in all sports, why not in surfing? A surf coach should be a qualified professional and a good communicator.

Learning to surf in a simple way


We use logic and analytics and we are capable of teaching people of all ages and different abilities under our own methodology. We communicate specific body movements in the simplest way.

Surfing can be divided into several sets of specific skills that can be built upon, accelerating the process and increasing confidence.

Learning with the “why”


During your stay at Mojosurf, you will have a great time catching waves, but our goal is for you to finish the course being able to continue progressing when you’re on your own.

In each class, you will learn a specific skill, but most importantly, you will know why you are learning it. Useful and reasoned knowledge that helps to assimilate concepts.

Theory classes and video coaching


There are many things that are much easier to communicate with a screen and a board rather than on the beach.

Our theory classes cover all aspects of surfing, including wave formation, wave forecasts, paddling techniques, and board agility techniques.

Video analysis is a fantastic training tool. Videos allow us to perfectly show how you are performing and what you need to do. It shows the difference between what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing. Levels 3, 4, and 5 of surfing are based on video analysis, but we use this method at different levels of surfing from beginner to advanced.

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